The Fastest Production Bike in the World

Different people enjoy different hobbies, some like swimming, and others like reading. I on the other hand, enjoy a different kind of hobby, a diversion that always sparks the fire of the challenge spirit in me. Whenever I have free time, my friends and I head down to the track in Daytona Beach to race our sports bikes. I don’t know why I enjoy riding these dangerous machines so much, to the point that it became an everyday addiction to speed or reckless behavior. Something about reaching the speed of 200 mph gives me a strange fulfillment and a confidence booster. At 200 mph I reach an imaginary world that I can only stay in for a few minor seconds, but I must reinstate my statement, those few seconds make me feel like king of the hill, unreachable, unbeatable; those few seconds make feel like I have super natural powers that implement me to take over the world. Now that you know how much I am passionate about this type of sport, let me introduce to you one of the most amazing bikes ever build. It is the BMW S1000RR, the fastest and most powerful production motorcycle yet to come.

For long, the crown belonged to Japan. Bikes like the Hayabusa GSXR 1300 made by Suzuki and FireBlade CBR1000RR made by Honda dominated the sports bike market for years unchallenged by none of the U.S. or European manufactures. Today, Germany introduced a new king for speed. According to, “BMW Motored hits the liter bike market hard with its race replica, as the S1000 employs class-leading power, a stout chassis beyond reproach, and a techie electronics package second to none. This bike is the real deal.” The base S1000RR retails in America for $13,800, although the price can go up depending on racing accessories.

According to, the S1000 can reach a track speed of 237 mph, although BMW has limited the U.S. version of the bike to 186 mph due to government regulations. The S1000 has a four-cylinder 1000cc engine that produces 193 horsepower at the crank, compared to my Honda CBR1000RR, which has 183 horsepower. I personally rode the S1000RR in Daytona Beach after of friend of my cousin let me borrow his. The radar at the track clocked me reaching the speed of 65 mph in just 1.9 seconds. Honestly, I was astonished, and I must admit that there is a ghost in this bike.

Here is a youtube video of some guy testing his S1000RR on the open road in New York city.

What’s more amazing is that, according to, BMW’s S1000RR has a mode button that allows the rider to select one of four modes: rain, sport, race, and slick. This is very beneficial, because in rain mode, output is limited to 150 horsepower for the rider’s safety. Sport mode allows the full 193 claimed horsepower, and will not allow acceleration beyond 45 degrees of lean. Next is race mode, which allows 48 degrees of lean before it weighs in and is the sticky street-legal-tire track-day setting. And, finally, the slick setting is for slicks, and will accept throttle at up to 53 degrees of lean.

Finally, this bike has really stunned me with its scary power and stylish looks, although I won’t trade my CBR1000RR for a million of these.


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