Fastest Space Shuttle in the World

Technological progress is something expected now days, and humans have developed a sort of a common routine sense to see discoveries and explorations being reported on T.V. or written about in the newspaper. Some are reported on more than the others, but space technology always seems to have a greater deal of attention from the American public, mostly because of the success NASA had in exploring space. Every time I read about a new space shuttle being sent to space by NASA or any other space agency in the world, I watch attentively and pay attention to all the details in order to stay up to date on the progress their making. The reason I pay so much attention is because many people don’t realize how hard it is to make a machine so fast be able to travel a great distance out of space and stand all kind of temperatures out there. It is really astonishing and miraculously amazing that we are able to engineer such machinery. Today, I will introduce to you one of the greatest and fastest space shuttles NASA ever created.

According to, “a super-speedy NASA probe marks six years of spaceflight today (Jan. 19), beginning the last leg of its journey to the small, faraway world of Pluto. The New Horizons spacecraft launched Jan. 19, 2006, on a mission to become the first probe to visit the dwarf planet Pluto and its moons. That unprecedented encounter is slated to begin in January 2015, so New Horizons has now entered the home stretch of its nine-year trip, researchers said.”

NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft is new of its kind and has the latest technological geniuses of NASA’s researchers. The New Horizon has to travel about 3.5 billion miles in order to get to the planet Pluto and its four moons. According to, “NASA has billed New Horizons as the fastest spacecraft ever launched from Earth. According to the mission team, the probe is now speeding through space at 34,426 mph (55,404 kph) relative to the sun.” The New Horizon still has about one billion miles to go before it reaches Pluto, although according to, “the probe is traveling so fast that a particle the size of a BB could destroy it, so researchers are worried about the broad debris field that Pluto’s moons may have spawned.”

As the New Horizon gets closer to the planet Pluto, more and more discoveries are reached along the way, and according, “recent discoveries show that the Pluto system is more crowded than scientists had thought. So NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which is due to fly by the dwarf planet in 2015, may have to watch its step.”

For more information on the New Horizon, please watch the video by visiting the link on the bottom.


America was so oppressed over wining the space race against Russia, and in my perspective, this New Horizon by NASA is the trophy, because this particular mission has not received any response from any Russian space agency. The New Horizon is really astonishing in every way and I have so much respect to those geniuses that build it.


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