The Fastest Passenger Airliner in the World

Looking at my recent blog entries, I have been focusing on technology nowadays and how its rapid progression is affecting our everyday lives. In this age, we always look forward to new products and creations mostly to satisfy our sense of curiosity and compete with each other over different levels of discoveries. Although, what if I told you that technology is not always moving forward, in fact, know this, technology progress in general moves forward and backward in a very confusing way. For example, how many times you heard this on the news, “Ford and Chevrolet made cars in the 60’s and 70’s that were better and more reliable than their current models today.” This might sound strange and unreasonable to you, but it’s completely true. In this blog entry, I will tell you about a great creation that moved a whole industry forward, but was put to sleep about a decade ago, which caused the transportation industry to go back to formal traditional ways.

I’m talking about the Concorde, the only passenger airliner plane that was capable of traveling on heights above 60000 ft. and cruise at speeds twice faster than the speed of sound. According to, “the world’s only supersonic airliner, Concorde operated daily between Paris and London to the USA, carrying 128 passengers at a speed of over 1300mph over a maximum range of 3915 miles.”

It first began service in 1976 after a long development and building period with British Airways & Air France. 18 Concords were built of which 14 went into service. With its unique appearance, its long ogive shaped wing and sleek body and drop down nose for landing and ground handling, few can help to admire the beauty of this legendary aircraft nor mistake it for any other.

The genius build of this airplane shocked many engineers, and many were sad to see it go, so here is what some said. According to Bruno Maddox, “the Concorde, R.I.P. with the retirement this month of the best plane ever, mankind takes a giant step backward. Welcome to the subsonic era.” The Concorde was retired due to many reasons, which the company kept secret. Most media reported that the Concord’s outrageous speed was too dangerous for many senior passengers, although this was not the whole truth; the company in fact was spending too much money on the maintenance of its small fleet, compared to other bigger companies.


Now, almost a decade after the concord’s retirement, the dream is not dead, because powerful countries like the U.S. still hope to enter the competition. According to, “the dream of supersonic flight has not disappeared. Aviation manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Aerion are working on supersonic technology — with the latter predicting it could have a supersonic business jet in service as early as 2020.” According to, U.S. builders – helped by the NASA space agency – will reveal the prototype successors to Concorde at the Farnborough air show next month.”

Air travel is the safest and most used form of transportation worldwide. Therefore, the transportation industry cannot afford to lose progress for profit.



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