The Fastest Production Bike in the World

Different people enjoy different hobbies, some like swimming, and others like reading. I on the other hand, enjoy a different kind of hobby, a diversion that always sparks the fire of the challenge spirit in me. Whenever I have free time, my friends and I head down to the track in Daytona Beach to race our sports bikes. I don’t know why I enjoy riding these dangerous machines so much, to the point that it became an everyday addiction to speed or reckless behavior. Something about reaching the speed of 200 mph gives me a strange fulfillment and a confidence booster. At 200 mph I reach an imaginary world that I can only stay in for a few minor seconds, but I must reinstate my statement, those few seconds make me feel like king of the hill, unreachable, unbeatable; those few seconds make feel like I have super natural powers that implement me to take over the world. Now that you know how much I am passionate about this type of sport, let me introduce to you one of the most amazing bikes ever build. It is the BMW S1000RR, the fastest and most powerful production motorcycle yet to come.

For long, the crown belonged to Japan. Bikes like the Hayabusa GSXR 1300 made by Suzuki and FireBlade CBR1000RR made by Honda dominated the sports bike market for years unchallenged by none of the U.S. or European manufactures. Today, Germany introduced a new king for speed. According to, “BMW Motored hits the liter bike market hard with its race replica, as the S1000 employs class-leading power, a stout chassis beyond reproach, and a techie electronics package second to none. This bike is the real deal.” The base S1000RR retails in America for $13,800, although the price can go up depending on racing accessories.

According to, the S1000 can reach a track speed of 237 mph, although BMW has limited the U.S. version of the bike to 186 mph due to government regulations. The S1000 has a four-cylinder 1000cc engine that produces 193 horsepower at the crank, compared to my Honda CBR1000RR, which has 183 horsepower. I personally rode the S1000RR in Daytona Beach after of friend of my cousin let me borrow his. The radar at the track clocked me reaching the speed of 65 mph in just 1.9 seconds. Honestly, I was astonished, and I must admit that there is a ghost in this bike.

Here is a youtube video of some guy testing his S1000RR on the open road in New York city.

What’s more amazing is that, according to, BMW’s S1000RR has a mode button that allows the rider to select one of four modes: rain, sport, race, and slick. This is very beneficial, because in rain mode, output is limited to 150 horsepower for the rider’s safety. Sport mode allows the full 193 claimed horsepower, and will not allow acceleration beyond 45 degrees of lean. Next is race mode, which allows 48 degrees of lean before it weighs in and is the sticky street-legal-tire track-day setting. And, finally, the slick setting is for slicks, and will accept throttle at up to 53 degrees of lean.

Finally, this bike has really stunned me with its scary power and stylish looks, although I won’t trade my CBR1000RR for a million of these.

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The Fastest Train in the World

It may surprise some of you that beneath my calm personality and gentle attitude, there lies a crazy obsession with racing and speed.  So, in honor of my extraordinary passion, I’m going to continue my journey of discovering some of the fastest things ever build. Transportation’s technology is quickly progressing, and some of the world’s super powers are striving to compete and innovate to keep up with this rapid progress. Thus, when mentioning technology, I can’t help but to stop and introduce to you one of the most outrageous-quick machines humans have ever strapped themselves into.

It is the JR-Maglev, the fastest train ever-build. Nowadays, trains are a fast and inexpensive way of traveling and thus many Asian countries really focused on the aspect of renovating this form of transportation for faster traveling and better convenience. According to, the “JR-Maglev is a maglev system developed by the Japan Railway Technical Research Institute JRTRI (association of Japan Railway Group).” This is a government funded project initiated by Japan Airlines and the former JNR. and has been in development since the 1970’s. According to, “the Japanese maglev trains make use of modern superconducting magnets, which allow for a larger gap, and repulsive-type Electro-Dynamic Suspension (EDS). (In comparison, the German Transrapid uses conventional electromagnets and attractive-type Electro-Magnetic Suspension (EMS)).”

For more photos, please visit this link:

On December 2, 2003, a three-car train set (JR-Maglev MLX01) reached a maximum speed of 581 km/h (361 mph) in a manned vehicle run. “The Japanese Maglev Trains technically are able to reach much higher speeds; the current world record of 581 km/h is a comparatively low speed for a HST Maglev train – due to the relatively short track that is currently available. With the extension of the track, a significantly higher world record comes into reach.” Some research experts believe that the Maglev train is capable of reaching 500 mph on the extended long reaching tracks. If this is true, than this high-speed land travel vehicle might be able to replace Air travel in some parts of the world, due to its easy access and inexpensive rates.

According to, “in countries like Japan, Germany and China, cutting edge research in this area is advancing rapidly. The German Transrapid system, the Japanese JR Maglev and China’s Shanghai Maglev Train are leading the way to a new era of passenger train travel. Despite questions of cost and return on investment, China is boldly forging ahead with its plans to become the global leader in 21st century high-speed passenger travel.” According to, the United States’ divisive nature of politics coupling with an ever-shrinking tax base to support large scale transportation projects, means that it is highly unlikely that the USA will ever see such systems become a reality.

Finally, this train is incredible in every way, form and shape. Its high reliability on new magnetic technology makes it environment friendly, mostly because it doesn’t burn fossil fuels. Although, the most astonishing aspect is its speed, this train shocked many who long wondered if high land speeds are ever going to be safely reached. This train proves the theory and makes the dream a reality.

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Fastest Airplane in the World

Since I’ve chosen speed to be the main topic and focus of my blog, I have been doing a lot of reading and research about this particular subject. I found out that speed falls under the category of technology, and its rapid progress forward is connected to how well technology improves. Although, the more we hear about new inventions and discoveries the more we adapt to new developments, and it all becomes part of our everyday lives. The world of speed being a huge part of that development, mostly because humanity is quickly moving forward, and we are always looking for ways to increase our performance. So when talking about speed and performance, I can’t help but to mention what’s new in the world of airplanes. I have a lot of enthusiasm for airplane’s innovations, since air traveling has become a major way to travel around the globe, not to mention its excessive use in modern warfare.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you the fastest airplane in the world. How do you feel when you find out that the U.S. military has a plane that can travel from London to Sydney in less than an hour? The Falcon HTV-2 is an airplane project currently being worked on by the US Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. According to, “By the time you finish reading this sentence, the Falcon HTV-2, the fastest plane ever built, could have flown 18 miles. It would get from London to Sydney in less than an hour, while withstanding temperatures of almost 2,000C, hotter than the melting point of steel.”

The Falcon first started life in 2003, part of a US military research project that focused on building a plane that could potentially deliver bombs to any part of the world in less than an hour. According to, this unmanned military plane travels at 20 times the speed of sound and is capable of reaching speeds up to 13,000 (mph). According to, the plane has been mounted on a rocket and launched twice from a California airbase, then comes streaking back to Earth at enormous speeds. Honestly, looking at this plane makes me feel like watching Star Wars all over again.

Please watch this hypothetical video of the Falcon’s launching.

HTV 2 hypothetical

It’s very exciting to read about this plane, but it’s not very surprising. The U.S. spends more than a half trillion dollars on military every year, that’s more than Russia and China combined. Investing that much money into technology can lead into some spooky creations. Unfortunately, after several minutes of the Falcon’s both testing flights, the HTV-2 experienced some sort of anomaly, prompting the vehicle’s autonomous flight safety system to guide it to a controlled splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which oversaw the flight. Despite the problem, the aircraft did reach its top speed and was able to control its flight for several minutes.

Finally, this airplane is astonishing, and it makes it a hard contest for anyone to try and compete against the U.S. military. According to, “There’s a new arms race brewing, and this one is destined to be very, very fast. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is calling for the development of a hypersonic long-range bomber to ensure Russia is not “falling behind the Americans.” He doesn’t want some subsonic or even supersonic analog to the American B-2, he says. Russia’s next bomber–slated for delivery by decade’s end–will move faster than Mach 5.” I can only hope that this technology won’t be used in warfare, other ways stuff like this will definitely lead into the end of humanity. Remember by the time you read this entire article, the Falcon HTV-2 could have flown half way across earth.

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Fastest Car in the World

As technology keeps evolving, the world of speed continues to progress forward introducing much more exciting vehicles and rides that are faster than ever. For the majority of people, a car, motorcycle, airplane or even a train is just another form of transportation, but I fall in the category of those who are passionate about racing and competition. I’ve always enjoyed speeding and racing my car and my motorcycles, even though it damaged my driving record plenty of times.

Today, I will introduce to you one of the most magnificent vehicles ever build; it is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. According to, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is currently the fastest production car in the world. For those of you who are not excited yet, wait until you hear more about this angry beast. According to, the Bugatti Veyron is powered by an aluminum, narrow angle 8 liter W16 engine with 1200 horse power and this engine is cooled down by eight radiators surrounding it. I know some of you might not know just how powerful that is, but to make it easier for you, this is equivalent to eight Honda Civics or seven Toyota Corollas. According to, The Bugatti Veyron tops off at 255 mph, and its newest edition’s base price is $2,400,000. So for those of you who have a couple of million dollars sitting aside in the bank, you should definitely consider this stunning machine.

When I first heard about this car, I was extremely exited, but let’s be realistic, some websites do exaggerate their claims. I mean 255 mph and 0-60 in 2.4 seconds sound like these numbers are from a science fiction movie or something; But wait, I have the prove we all been waiting for. I was searching for the Bugatti Veyron on, only to find it being tested on Top Gear, which is one of the most popular show’s that highlight what’s new in the speed and racing world. For more information, enjoy this exciting video.

I know that safety is a big issue for most people, although I assure you that this car is packed with the latest safety innovations ever build. According to, “Four enlarged turbochargers and bigger intercoolers have been used to boost the power of the 16-cylinder engine, and the chassis has been extensively redesigned to maintain safety at extreme speed.” The website also talked about how “The body has been fine-tuned to improve aerodynamic efficiency and maintain perfect balance in every situation, while the new fiber structure of the all-carbon monocoque ensures maximum torsion rigidity and passive safety – at reduced weight.”

Finally, every time I look at this car, my whole body starts shivering uncontrollably. This car is amazing in every way, form, and shape; although, it is definitely not for everyone. I am a huge fan of speed and racing and this car sparks the fire of curiosity for innovation inside me, I don’t believe in owning this car, instead it is the driving experience that counts.

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